Thursday, January 30, 2014

Eviction Notice Malware Email

If you remember the Notice of court attendance scam email that began making it’s way around a few weeks ago, there is a new variation that is filling up in-boxes everywhere.
This one is so similar; it would not be any surprise if it originated from the same source. In fact this one could even be a mutation of the original email scare.
Some sample subject lines include:
  • Notice to quit the occupied premises No5890
  • Evition notice No5497 (yes it is spelled wrong in the subject line)
The basic premise is the same. They come to you with a scary subject line designed to grab your attention in such a fashion that you are tempted to rush and open the attachment that came with the email. After all getting an eviction notice, especially in this economy, is something that many people will hurriedly open the attachment without stopping to think.

Beware of email attachments

Stop and think about it, there is no way to prove delivery of an email message (which is required by law to enforce an eviction) therefore the email is a complete fake. It contains malware and if you get it, DO NOT OPEN ANY ATTACHMENTS, click any links or respond/reply. If you reply to one of these emails, all you are doing is confirming that your email is valid and you will increase the occurrences of spam. No matter how badly you want to tell these people off, protect yourself and delete it immediately.

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